What makes Energy Management International Inc. different from other energy management consulting companies is our detailed approach that we use to understand completely and in-depth your facility, its’ operations and its’ energy characteristics. This exclusive disciplined, detailed and thorough approach is the Total Quality Energy concept.

Webster’s dictionary defines the adjective “Total” as being the whole or complete and the noun “Quality” as a degree or grade of excellence. The Total Quality Energy concept as it applies to any facility is the accurate total knowledge of the energy controls, programs and metrics in place with where, when, why and how much energy is in demand and how much energy is being used.

Total Quality Energy is a process to accurately document the distribution and application of the various types of energy in a demand side environment in both direct and indirect forms. The Total Quality Energy process requires the super saturation of observations by trained energy professionals of each segment of a production process in the sequence of the production process. This is accomplished with the sequential completion of the various tasks and areas of focus required to accurately document where, when, why and how much energy is being consumed.

Only with a total quality knowledge of where, when, why and how much energy is used can the management of a facility really know what amount of energy is needed and when it is needed. With this knowledge management will know if the facility is energy efficient or wasteful.


Examples of Total Quality Energy Areas of Focus:

Energy Key Performance Indicators

Metrics Cultural Awareness and Employee Involvement

Power House Operations

Waste Water Operations

Steam Generation & Distribution

Compressed Air Generation and Distribution

Cooling Towers & Chilled Water Operations

Energy Intensive Equipment Maintenance Programs


Examples of Total Quality Energy Tasks:

Sequence of Operations

Process Flow Summaries

Infrastructure Reviews

Total Quality Energy Observations

Area Lighting Inventories & Lighting Level Readings

Production Process Equipment Inventories

Support Equipment Inventories

Motor Inventories

Area Energy Balances

Energy Requirements Plans



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